ThinAnywhere for Linux

Remote Access to Your Linux Server Running 2D or 3D Applications

ThinAnywhere is a thin client software technology that enables people to connect to their applications from anywhere in the world. ThinAnywhere Server for Linux includes a proprietary X-server based on the standards used in popular Linux releases, but tuned specifically for delivering X11 and OpenGL applications remotely to either Windows or Linux client machines.

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ThinAnywhere uses a secure, proprietary protocol and client applications to connect remote users to your Linux server’s applications. For those running legacy Unix/X11 applications on other Unix-based OS’s (such as Irix, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), the ThinAnywhere Linux Server may be used as a remote X-server to access those applications. Disconnect and reconnect from any other location, leaving your X11 and OpenGL applications running undisturbed on the server. No need to close your Unix/Linux apps because of a Windows machine reboot.

Why purchase a PC X-server for each of your user’s Windows machines? Instead, simply install ThinAnywhere on your Linux server and access your X11 and OpenGL applications with the ThinAnywhere client. The client is free and may be installed on as many machines as desired. ThinAnywhere Server is licensed by concurrent user on the server only. ThinAnywhere for Linux can be used as a replacement for products such as Exceedtm onDemandtm and other PC X servers.

– Easy to install, manage and maintain

You’ll have ThinAnywhere up and running in minutes and you won’t
have to make changes to your applications to access and run them

– Cross-platform access in a heterogeneous network

Access to applications on Windows and Unix servers on the Local Area
Network, as well as Linux applications with optimum performance
residing directly on the same ThinAnywhere server.

– Load Balancing

The ThinAnywhere Load-Balancing and Authentication server receives
all initial requests and then passes the connection to the appropriate
ThinAnywhere server machine.

– Blazing speed for Windows, X Window, OPENGL and PEX3D

Accelerators on the application servers combined with ThinAnywhwere’s
proprietary compression algorithms deliver up to 55 frames per
second on 3D OpenGL applications.

– 8, 16, 24 bit and GL+ 24 bit color support

A wide variety of display options support your most critical

– Exact screen images match console

Work with confidence knowing that the images in your
ThinAnywhere session match exactly what is generated on the
application server console.

– Pop up screen support

With a key stroke, on screen help appears to assist you in
managing your session and provide session statistics.

– 2 and 3 button mouse and mouse wheel support

Crucial for the operation of many 3D applications.

– Disconnect and reconnect to sessions

The user can disconnect from an established session and then reconnect
to the session from anywhere there is Internet access.

– Save connection parameters

Once a session has been established on the ThinAnywhere server, the
user can save the login and session parameters to the client machine
in the form of a “.iip” file. Later a connection can be established
with the same session parameters by invoking the saved “.iip” file.

– User collaboration with admin control

Have multiple collaborators in a single session with the ability to
control the collaboration environment on the fly.

– Auto-disconnect and reconnect with session save

If your Internet connection goes down for whatever reason, your session
is automatically disconnected so you don’t lose your work.
Reconnection can then be established when Internet access is again

– Security

ThinAnywhere utilizes the Rinjdal AES algorithm. The default key
length is 128 bits. Encryption keys are generated internally and
modified dynamically by session. Coupled with our proprietary
certificate based user authentication ThinAnywhere provides an
extremely secure environment in addition to the built in UNIX
system security.


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