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ThinAnywhere 3D Hardware Accelerated Plug-In for Citrix ICA


ThinAnywhere 3D Hardware Accelerated Plug-In for Citrix ICA

A new plug-in is now available which will dramatically improve the performance of all 3D OpenGL based applications run on Citrix Windows servers. The plug-in uses the ThinAnywhere technology and drops seamlessly into existing Citrix environments allowing users to gain extreme 3D graphics performance with their existing Citrix infrastructure.

ThinAnywhere specializes in extreme performance for graphically intensive 3D applications by using hardware acceleration for rendering together with proprietary compression and transport logic to achieve very high frame rates with modest bandwidth requirements. Depending on the application, window size and model size frame rates can exceed 50 frames per second.

ThinAnywhere 2 Tier Architectures

With the ThinAnywhere 2 Tier architectute, the Citrix ICA client on a Windows opperating system enabled with the ThinAnywhere 3D Plug-In connects directly to a Windows server using the Citrix ICA protocol. The Windows server, enabled with the ThinAnywhere 3D OpenGL server, then accelerates, compresses and sends the OpenGL images over the Citrix ICA connection.

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ThinAnywhere 3D Hardware Accelerated Plug-In for Citrix ICA

- Easy to install, manage and maintain
Plugs transparently into standard Citrix Server. Installation of the 3D plug-in and 3D OpenGL server take only minutes.

- Blazing speed for 3D OpenGL on Windows server
Frame rates up to 50 frames per second for 3D OpenGL applications through a Citrix connection.

- 24 bit color support
Supports 24 bit color through a Citrix connection.

- Security
Uses standard Windows security in a direct Citrix connection.

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