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Here are the latest trial licenses:

For ThinAnywhere RDP and UHP products for Windows:

Thin3DAccel    C12DA9E1D3D528C235CAF98CCD3310B0426BCA2CB5D1B3F57F2EF235FF27BA56
               # UserID: 8888  Number of Users: 5  Expires(mm/dd/yy): 03/04/17 (TRIAL)

For ThinAnywhere Linux products:

ThinBaseServer 40537812FB64523D922111C16B81BEC53D98DF1110EBB0732A8BE0A85E8EA256
               # UserID: 8888  Number of Users: 5  Expires(mm/dd/yy): 03/04/17 (TRIAL)


Please replace the license included with the trail download with the appropriate license above.

Thank you.


ThinAnywhere is a highly advanced technology that enables technical computing users to remotely use 3D OpenGL based applications, running under Windows RDP or RDSH and Linux , as if they…

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ThinAnywhere UHP Replacement for RGS

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