ThinAnywhere 3D

ThinAnywhere offers seamless access to your favorite application software from the home office, the branch office, your hotel room, your home, or anywhere you can find Internet access. It doesn't matter what platform or operating system the application runs on; nor does it matter what platform or operating system you use for access. Seamless means you run applications in exactly the same way... on any platform, anytime, anywhere.

ThinAnywhere employs several types of compression to yield stunning performance, even on low speed connections. If you lose your connection, or choose to temporarily disconnect, you can resume your online session later. You will find everything running, just as you left it so you don't lose work.

This also means that you can disconnect a session at the office and reconnect from home. You can even open and disconnect multiple online sessions. When you connect to the ThinAnywhere server you will be presented with a list of your disconnected sessions and asked to choose which session you would like to reconnect to.

ThinAnywhere supports remote collaboration. You can invite anyone to join any session that you have open. You act as moderator and admit or deny permission for any collaborators. You choose the applications to run. They see exactly what you see on the screen, including cursor movements. You can even share keyboard and mouse control with them, if you choose.

Collaboration is a powerful tool... for conferencing, for selling software applications, for help desks, for consulting... for any communications that benefit from visualization.

ThinAnywhere keeps your remote access and collaboration sessions private. All communication across public networks is encrypted. Various types of authentication may be configured to ensure that only you (and those that you admit for collaboration) can access your online sessions.

Your system administrator will be delighted with the security, ease of installation, ease of configuration, performance, and the minimal network impact that ThinAnywhere offers.

ThinAnywhere 3D
  • Accelerates 3D applications
  • Web enable all of your systems
  • Adaptive load balancing
  • Equip remote and mobile workers

  • ThinAnywhere Enables
  • Secure remote access to computers and networks
  • Access to Unix, Linux, and Windows applications
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Xterminal for Windows
  • Unmatched performance
  • ThinAnywhere 3D Evaluation

    ThinAnywhere 3D is available for a 30 day evaluation. Please click the link below to request yours today.

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